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Whether you are shopping for airsoft guns for yourself or for a gift, we are sure to have what you need. We have a great variety of airsoft guns that shoot at various velocities. It is important to exercise proper gun safety when using any airsoft gun or BB gun.

Every day we help hundreds of customers find the best Airsoft Guns and Accessories at great prices. Take a look at our range of BB Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns or treat yourself to a D90F electric bb gun for just £49.99.



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Airsoft guns fire pellets called BBs and therefore  must be used with caution as they are potentially harmful. As with all firearms it is important to remember never point an airsoft gun at a human being and to avoid shooting at metal objects as BBs tend to richochet.  With so many different types of bb guns available it is important to make the right choice before purchasing, we have tried and tested all the models we stock and have given them ratings according to catagory, performance and features. We do not sell every make or model tested, if an airsoft gun does not meet our or customers expectations we will not stock it.

Airsoft guns were designed for the purpose of target shooting, however advances in safety equipment and body armour ensures that skirmish fighting is now as safe as other sports.


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At Airsoft Direct we stock only the latest airsoft Guns. Our range is built to last and are now available and very affordable. A BB gun is either air or spring powered and provides a great opportunity to get some additional target practice – our high quality targets are free to download. Our gun range at Airsoft Direct is legal to own in the UK, why, our BB Guns are two tone and easily identified as an airsoft or soft air gun. Our regular customers know that we offer the most desirable, very latest and cheap BB guns available in the UK today. With detailed descriptions, high quality images we have made purchasing your weapon quick and simple – so what are you waiting for it’s time to grab yourself a cheap airsoft gun today and get in on the action. Be assured, we test all the products we sell to provide you with a purchase that will last. We only sell the highest quality products and all are made and tested to the highest standard by a former weapons instructor for the British Army.

UK Legal Airsoft | BB Gun | BB Guns

Airsoft Direct only stock Airsoft BB guns that are legal to own in the UK to own without a license. If you are over the age of 18, it is perfectly legal to purchase an airsoft gun.

We only recommend using the high quality BB pellets. A higher grade BB pellet is essential to obtain maximum performance. All the BB Guns tested use 0.28g highly polished grade A BB pellets. Using higher grade BB pellets will greatly reduce performance and prevent your  Gun from jamming for a better Airsoft experience.

Airsoft Direct are a one-stop shop for all Airsoft Rifles, BB Guns, realistic movie props and related equipment. We proudly supply BB Guns to the British army for tactical training. If you wish to discuss your requirements or for the latest wholesale prices please contact us.


Airsoft Technical information

BB guns are a type of air gun designed to shoot projectiles called BB after the Birdshot pellet of approximately the same size. These projectiles are usually spherical but can also be pointed; those are usually used for bird hunting. Modern day BB guns usually have a smoothbore barrel, with a bore diameter and caliber of 0.177 inches (4.5 mm). BB for modern day BB guns are usually steel, plated either with zinc or copper to resist corrosion, and measure 0.171 to 0.173 inches (4.34 mm to 4.39 mm) in diameter. Some manufacturers also still make lead balls of slightly larger diameter and which are generally intended for use in rifled BB gun barrels, as were formerly used in BB guns.

Some commercial airguns (including BB and/or pellet guns) have the ability to fire considerably faster, even beyond 550 ft/s (170 m/s). Although claims are often exaggerated, a few airguns can actually fire a standard 0.177 lead pellet faster than 1000 ft/s (about 680 miles per hour), but these are generally not BB firing guns.

Airsoft guns are a subclass of BB guns, which are usually considerably lower energy and possess far less damage potential to humans and property (though they are subject to similar safety issues). Airsoft guns were developed for several reasons, one of which was to create a safer method of indoor target shooting. Most early Airsoft guns were single action (single pull of the slide, single shot) type that came with “sticky targets” where the plastic bb stuck to the target long enough to determine the accuracy of the shot, then slid down into a catch tray as later shots hit the target. This also facilitated easy reuse of the plastic bb’s as they were originally not as easy to find. Airsoft guns were then quickly adopted into paintball type sports as they hurt less than a paintball, and don’t make a smelly mess. Airsoft guns are also available in far more shapes, sizes, and models than paintball. Proper safety gear including a full face mask are recommended when engaging in Airsoft shooting sports.

A 0.177 projectile fired above 350 ft/s (110 m/s) has skin piercing capability, and the potential can exist for delivering a fatal injury; this potential increases with velocity, but also rapidly decreases with distance. The effective penetrating range of a bb gun with a muzzle velocity of 400-600fps is +/- 60’/ 30mts . A person wearing jeans at this distance would not sustain any serious injury. However even at this distance a bb still might penetrate bare skin, and even if not, could leave a severe and painful bruise. The maximum range of a bb gun in the 400-600fps range is 240-350 yards given the muzzle is elevated to the optimum angle.

As a note, steel BBs are also very prone to ricochet, especially off hard surfaces such as brick or concrete. Eye protection is essential when shooting BBs, more so than when shooting lead pellets, since a BB bouncing off a hard surface can retain a very large portion of its initial energy (pellets usually flatten and absorb energy), and could easily cause serious eye damage up to and including blindness.

As with rocks, bricks, keys and other items, vandals have sometimes misused BB guns for the wrongful damage of property. The pellets can break windows, or leave distinctive round damage.

Even though people use these pellet guns to play games and sports, it is still dangerous, still considered a weapon, may cause permanent or serious injury or even death.

While it is often stated that the term “BB” originated from “ball bearing” or “bullet ball” (if it’s made of plastic), this is not the case. The original BB guns used the BB-sized lead shot for shotguns, midway between B and BBB size.

BB shot was nominally 0.180 inches (4.57 mm), but tended to vary considerably in size due to the high allowable tolerances for shotgun shell use. Around 1900, Daisy, one of the earliest makers of BB guns, changed their BB gun bore diameter to .175 inches (4.45 mm), and began to market precision-made lead shot specifically for their BB guns. They called this “air rifle shot”, but the “BB” name was already well established, and everyone continued calling the guns “BB guns” and the shot “BB shot” or just “BBs”.