Why is Airsoft Direct rennowned for great service

At Airsoft Direct we’re all about good service. Each type of bb gun we provide, will give the shooting public years of good service and we make this commitment to outdoorsmen everywhere. Our customers come from all over the United Kingdom.

We pride ourselves in being honest and fair in all our dealings,we know times are tough at the moment so we offer a large range of goods all at massively discounted prices All of our staff has been avid shooting enthusiasts for many years so we know the importance of providing good quality gear.

We are dedicated in providing our customers with large variety of quality bb guns at discounted prices.

Our Privacy Policy
We do not discuss or disclose your details with any other parties. Data we gather is used to improve our perfomance and services. Information you provide is kept securly on our encryted database and removed after information has expired.

We will¬†never¬†sell any customer’s information to any third party. This is our pledge to you, our customer. Any information gathered on this site will be used only by Airsoft Direct. One month after your order is placed; your payment information is automatically deleted from our database. Your privacy is our first and main concern.

Here to help you make the right choice

Airsoft Direct supply quality Airsoft BB guns that are accurate replicas of the originals. All our BB Guns are tested for quality, durability and performance. Airsoft BB guns fire 6mm plastic BB’s and are used for target practice, plinking and xtreme air sports similar to paintballing however the advantages of airsoft are that they are more accurate, realistic, and cheaper!

We have provided an extensive review of each BB Gun model to help you choose the right Airsoft Gun for you. Our unrivaled level of service puts other retaillers to shame, our guarantee for quality means you can buy with confidence.