The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions received regarding our products and services. Please take a look or contact us with your question.

What about P&P?
The Postage and Packaging is a fixed rate of £4.95. Whatever items you add to your basket you will never pay more than our fixed rate.

What is a BB gun?
BB guns use air and spring power and are intended for general target practice. They use 6mm plastic BB bullets (small balls) and are totally harmless providing our safety information is observed.

How old do you need to be to buy a BB gun?
You must be 18 years old to purchase a BB gun and all orders are only accepted on the condition customers have read our safety information before purchasing.

What age limit to operate a BB gun?
BB guns are suitable for persons 14 and above, however we strongly recommend that they are supervised by an adult i.e. 18 and above.

How do I know that the BB gun I purchase is legal in the UK?
All of our BB guns UK legal, guns must be brightly coloured to avoid being mistaken for a genuine weapon. It is now only illegal to sell black guns that could be mistaken for the real thing.

How do I reclaim Return Postage costs?
When you return an item you maybe able to claim your postage costs, which will be reimbursed via a credit note.

Returning an item?
To claim a refund items must be in the original packaging and in the same condition in which they were received. Please enclose the delivery receipt within the original packaging – to enable receipt to be inserted please DO NOT seal your parcel until you get to the Post Office. This will enable us to process your return properly. Your Receipt must be the original – not a copy.

What should I do if my BB Gun jams?
To clear a BB pellet from the barrel use an unblocking tool or unjamming rod – Never look down the barrel to view the jammed BB gun. Always remove the magazine and switch the safety catch to locked. Push the rod gently down the barrel to loosen the bb.

How do I service my BB Gun?
For best results spray or drop airsoft silicon lubricant into the barrel. Do not attempt to remove the barrel or open the BB gun as this will invalidate the warranty. Never use cheap BB pellets. The use of poor quality, low grade BB pellets may cause damage to you gun and will invalidate the warranty.

Should I use paint filled BB’s?
NO! Paint clogs the barrel and will invalidate the warranty.

What BB pellets should I use?
The best you can afford. Do not use low quality BB pellets that will jam and damage your gun. Use high quality recommended 6mm BB pellets for best results!

Can I upgrade the battery?
Batteries are very complex therefore we never use anything other than the recommended battery type as supplied with your gun.

How long should I charge the battery for?
Always read the charging instructions, most batteries require an initial charging duration, follow the instructions for the best performance from your battery. Never overcharge the gun battery!

Do not overcharge batteries! Overheating could cause damage to the battery or create a potential fire hazard!

    • Be sure to read the charger instructions thoroughly before charging your battery.
    • Not all chargers are created equal. Please use the proper charger which is intended for your battery type, i.e. if you are charging a 9.6V Nimh battery, be sure your charger can charge 9.6V batteries and Nimh batteries.
    • Be sure to use the proper connectors to connect your battery to the charger.
    • If you are not certain of a battery’s remaining charge and you wish to charge it, place the battery on the charger and check it every 5-10 minutes. If the battery is warm to the touch, assume it is fully charged. If it is hot to the touch, remove the battery from the charger immediately!
  • Remember, NiCad batteries must be completely discharged before charging again. Use the appropriate discharger to discharge the battery, or completely drain the battery through normal use before charging again.